3/4 Down

As of last week, Elmo completed 3/4 of his military service (or more like public service..haha) in Korea. He’ll officially be back for school in mid-August. Eeek! I can’t wait! We are planning so much things at the moment like a trip to Chicago! Right now with school stress bombarding my life, seeing Elmo again in the American soil is pretty much the only thing I’m ecstatic about ;)


Time indeed flies by :)

New Year’s Resolutions 2012

Happy New Year! Another year has gone by. One of my goals of 2011 was to not get sick. I actually managed to stay healthy and cold-free this year (an entire year!), but I caught a cold as soon as new year ringed in. Ahahaha how ironic! It’s like my body’s been waiting to get sick. I’m sneezing a bucket of nastiness out and coughing constantly. Oh what can I say, I’m just glad I never got sick during school. 

Today I wanted to talk about my new year’s resolutions for 2012. Before I get into it, I’d like to go over my old 2011 resolutions, which were…

2011 New Year Resolutions

1. Learn how to play guitar

Never really started :P I tried to convince a couple of my guitar-playing friends to have a charge-free lessons but never worked out. I still would love to learn the instrument though.

2. Take summer classes

I took summer classes in Yonsei University in Seoul last year. Going to classes was a breeze simply because I didn’t have to worry about grades. I barely studied Microbiology and did just fine. 

3. Keep up with blogging

Well, I kept up with it until Summer break. I know I’ve completely abandoned my blog since September. So I guess this is half-accomplished?

4. Pull up grades

I actually did okay during the Spring semester but I don’t know about this semester. Let me just say, I’m kind of scared to check my grades. I should try harder this year.

5. Declare a major

This shall be done soon! I’m a little relieved and scared at the same time.

6. Try out Java programming

Programming actually turned out okay- it’s not easy though. Programming assignments usually sucks life out of me but I don’t hate it. 

Now, onto this years New Year’s Resolution!

This year’s list actually turned out pretty simple. Elmo and I tried to each come up with five, but I only managed to pull out four. Maybe I’ll include one more later!

***2012 New Year’s Resolution***

1. Read at least one book a month (at least two during breaks)

I counted the books that I read this year, and turns out I read 13 books. I feel like I can read a lot more if I put more time to it. I already have a pretty big list of books to read! I’m excited :)

2. Work out three times a week

This one’s gonna be hard. At the end of every semester, I promise to myself that I’d really put exercise in my daily regimen but it’s so difficult to make it actually happen… I’m hoping once my boyfriend comes back to the US (who works out every single day for PLEASURE) he’ll really help me get on with this whole work out thing. *crosses fingers*

3. Write a short journal entry every day

I’m pretty good with keeping short journal entries when I don’t have school, but once school starts, my diary literally goes blank. I hate going back to reading my diaries and seeing that huge gap, and not being able to recall what I did in those days. So this year, I’ll write what I did in at least few sentences, and have some time everyday dedicated to looking back on my day.

4. Get an internship or job related to my major

Hopefully I can get an internship this coming Summer, or at least a job related to my major. I really should get started on this one.

I don’t think my goals are hard-to-reach… or are they? :) I hope you guys have a great winter break!

50%! only half left :)

50%! only half left :)

I’m in the midst of packing my things, getting ready to visit my grandma to say goodbye, ordering some new furniture for my apartment. I can really feel that the end of summer is near!

My skin has gotten better since the weather got cooler here in Korea (or maybe it’s just a coincidence) It almost feels like autumn here now. So strange how weather the weather was this summer. It was really hot in the beginning, rained for flippin’ over a month, and now it’s chilly at night so I have to close the window before I go to bed :-/ I might try out the vitamins that Rach recommended, cause my skin is still breaking out continuously.

Today I’m planning out going to do a massive grocery shopping, visit my grandma, and meet an old friend who I haven’t seen for years!

the hardest part is leaving my cute dog behind. I wish I can take her to the US, but I know she’d be better off staying at my parents house. I don’t think she’ll be able to handle freezing northern weather. haha!

Stressful Skin Situation

Perhaps due to Seoul’s humidity and air pollution, my skin’s been doing terrible this summer :( The worst part I think is, blemishes tend to appear only on the left side of my face. So my right cheek is pretty clean, and the left cheek is hopelessly covered with acne.

My skin tends to break out during the summer…but this year it’s been exceptionally bad. Korean ajummas (middle aged women) and ajussi (middle aged men) can be brutally honest. Some of my relatives came up to me and asked why my face has broken out so much (“Oh your skin used to be better! What happened?” “Well I don’t know, you tell me. :/”) and hearing their concern(?) can be stressful.

Maybe I’ll start taking vitamins daily and try to eat out less. Once I go back to Madison, I’m going to try to eat as much home-made healthy meals rather than going to places like Chipotle. Maybe I’m eating too much salty food. Maybe it’s because I’m not getting enough sleep (I can’t remember the last time I had a really good night’s sleep…)

Sorry for rambling/complaining again. :P i wish i had perfect skin.

American Breakfast Food in Seoul

Last weekend mom came up to Seoul to visit my aunt and her friends. On the day she went back home, Elmo, mom, and I met up in Gangnam station to have brunch together.

I felt obligated to take her to somewhere that’s only available in Seoul, so I could only think of this restaurant called Butterfinger Pancakes. They sell Amercian breakfast food, which is rare in Korea in general.

It was generous in proportions and everything was surprisingly good- but two big dishes of breakfast food cost us around $40, my god! :/ And they served the food super late. Never going back to this place! I feel so ripped off! This made me miss Perkins and Mickie’s Dairy bar a lot.

Stuff from Hanskin for Rachel ♥

Hey my favorite gals!

I recently made a trip to the mall and found Hanskin there! Rachel wanted me to get their B.B. pact. I asked them if their “international version” was different from what they sold in Korea, they said no. So I asked if they still had the kind that Rachel used, they told me that unfortunately that particular line is discontinued :/

So I got their one of the more popular lines in the second lightest shade they offered (you said you didn’t want the lightest one right? it looked scary white to me.)

The packaging~ it’s the Mineral Moisture Pact

It has SPF 30 PA++ in Natural Beige. It’s supposed to be effective in oil control, and light weight.

This is what it looks like in the pan.

Hanskin was having this Summer sale kinda thing, so this came with a free blush and a lip gloss.

And guess what? For this three- I paid only $16! what a steal, huh? Lucky me, that things were on sale when I finally got the chance to visit the store.

Rach- let me know if you want anything else from Korea :) I’ll send you a package when I get everything ^^

Best Soap Bar Ever!

I never really liked using soap bar to cleanse my face. I always preferred liquid-y foam cleansers because I felt like those are a lot more hygienic, since they don’t get tossed around and have contact with air like soap bars do.


Rice Day Soap

This is like, by far the BEST soap I’ve ever used!!!

I bought this when my friends and I were shopping for a trip to the valley area, and we were looking for some cheap body wash. This soap was only a little over a dollar, (around 1200 won = $1.10ish) and I vaguely remembered someone really liking this soap.

I used it and immediately fell in love with this soap bar because:

At first I only used it on my body, but I realized it’s great as a facial cleanser too. Since last Winter, I’ve been loving the Shiseido Perfect Whip cleanser

But I realized my face got less oily during the day when I used Rice Day soap to cleanse my face! o,o I was so impressed! (not to mention the soap is so cheap!)

I still like the Shiseido’s cleanser too, so I’m planning on rotating these two around :]

I’m using the pink kind. Imma try the other kinds to!

What’s your favorite cheap product that works very well for you? :)


Oh-laa~ I totally forgot to update you guys on my surgery. I have two teeth, one on each side of my bottom jaw, that are missing from birth. I know its odd, but I heard its not that uncommon. I thought I could just live with it, cuz my retainer kept my teeth around them from collapsing into the hollow spaces. But the dentist said I NEED to get an implantation, because eventually the gum around my missing teeth will shrink, causing even bigger troubles.

But it turned out I left the teeth missing for too long already, so my alveolar bone (tooth bone I guess?) has weakened so teeth implantation could easily end in failure.

So they extracted my wisdom teeth and sent them to this… factory where they make this powder out of my own teeth ready for bone graft.

We were planning on getting only the bone graft part of this whole process done on Monday, but my dentist decided my bone was stronger than he thought, so he did the implantation together too.

This is the result (minus the fake tooth thing on top)! Pretty gross huh? Surgery took shorter than we thought, and they put me into sleep so I don’t really remember what went on during the surgery.

I’m just glad I got this whole issue over with and I just need to make sure I recover well :)